Thursday, September 10, 2009

Process Photos

Here are some recent photos of a bracelet that I made for a customer. I tried to include most of my steps. If there isn't a photo for a specific step, it's included in the description.

Round pieces of silver are cut out using a circle cutter

Soldering rings onto cut out circles. Ever so tedious with itty bitty bits of solder.

Coiling little bits of wire and placing it in the domed circles. It is then heated enough to fused all the pieces together. Careful not to melt it into a gooey mess!

Sanding down the domes to create a "flat" part on the bottom so they will sit nicely on the other pieces. They are then sweat soldered onto the other pieces.

To create jump rings, wire is coiled onto a dowel put in a drill. They are then sawed down one side to create perfect jump rings. I'm sawing in this image. (I just needed one hand to take the picture!)

The jump rings after being sawed in half.

After most of the rings are soldered closed, they were then hammered for a nice texture.

Now comes the fun part...figuring out how these guys are going to fit together! Requires a lot of the above picture!

A somewhat complete section of the bracelet. After the bracelet has been assembled, the jump rings that are still open are soldered closed for security. (at least one in each link set)

I wanted to oxidize this bracelet...and this is what it looks like after
it's taken out of the liver of sulphur. Very very black and dull!

Steel wool takes the liver of sulphur off the high spots to create a beautiful contrast between light and dark

Then after all is said and done...into the tumbler until it's as shiny as you like!

The Finished Product.


  1. thanks for posting this...enjoyed it tremendously, espercially after our conversation the other day. Can't wait to see my rings...

  2. good to be reminded how much work is involved in making a bracelet