Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Many Facets (pun intended)

It seemed about time that I got back into blogging since it has been OVER a full year since my last post. My "other life" seems to take over sometimes and it always becomes hard to fit in everything I want to do.

Before I became interested in art and design, I wanted to become a doctor. This interest lasted up until I was a junior in high school, when I discovered art class: painting and drawing soon became my new obsession. After my switch to the artistic world, I went to college got a degree etc etc. Soon after I was a full-time graphic designer fresh out of college. Although graphic design has a huge streak of creativity, I found myself forced to lay out dismal and lifeless designs (per customer wishes) I began to lose interest and even though I loved graphic design, I needed a more creative outlet. I wanted to have more control and put more creativity into what I was doing.  You can see some of my older work here: www.annaheron.com

I had somewhat dabbled in beading and other crafts but was ready for something else. For some reason I was perusing the coursebook for the continuing education classes when I came across jewelry design classes.  I signed up and just loved it! I had a great teacher and was so excited about turning ordinary silver into something that I had imagined. I loved it. I only took two beginner courses and managed to learn a variety of other techniques online. I'm still learning new things every time I visit the bench.

Here's a picture of one of my favorite pieces: The Queen of the Ocean.
Right now I'm having a hard time juggling all of my responsibilities. I work a full time graphic design job at a place called MediaWorks (in case you're that interested...  www.mediaworksdesign.com ) I work with the youth at the church that my husband and I attend.  And I also help with the Family Readiness Group for my husband's detachment (Army) With all of that going on, I sometimes find it difficult to get as much jewelry made as I want! Working 8 hours a day can really wear you out. There is never enough time in the day...which is why I'm writing this at 10:00 pm at night.

Some things I would love to do if I ever get a break from the job and jewelry: reading, sewing, gardening, shopping, photography. I miss doing some of these things as often as I want.

It's all about balance...I'm getting there!!

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